SM030: Gaex & Karaoke Tundra - Party!

Its time to clean the smelly winter fur and get out to the sunshine. Summer is comming to bears den.

format: MP3

SM029: Gargle & Expel - Náměstí míru (outtakes)

"Once I mixed an album and there were some stems taken (left) out. Sound orphans. Here they are."

format: MP3

SM028: Gargle & Expel - Perspective View

Some sampling madness, sound snipets sequenced in alphabetical order and played in reverse. Or not.

format: MP3

SM027: Karaoke Tundra - Spálil kilá

An EP dedicated to those lazy afternoons we all love. Friends come up and never leave, weed and munchies..

format: MP3

SM026: Future Sound Of Petržalka - Detuned Stories

Childish analog synthetizers melodies, cheesy drums and MPC, punk style scratching old czechoslovak pop 7"

format: MP3

SMSB02: Crude Loops II.

The story continues now with even more processed granular fairy tales. Your DAW will be HAHA this time.

format: WAV

SM025: R.Mutt - Meanwhile

Lo-fi electro-acoustica telling stories about corners of relationships. Meanwhile this happened...

format: MP3

SMSB01: Crude Loops I.

Collection of wicked sound loops, created and compiled by Gaex. Your DAW will be WOW!

format: WAV

SM024: MMtm - Shoot The Maus!

Distorted multitrack of chaos, guerilla war at level-alfa threshold. MMtm's goodbye seen thru red-eye vision.

format: MP3

SM023: Karaoke Tundra - Angry Young Computer

Seven sketches about data transmissions, youth and the endless anxiety of hidden identity.
format: MP3

SM022: L'eau du robinet - From my ears to your noise tap

We like mad sampling, yes, we do. Jazz, acid, radio, whatever. Fluid sound from Poland for your noise taps.

format: MP3

SM021: Karaoke Tundra - Who's Bad?

I'm telling you, just watch your mouth, I know your game, what you're about. Woo! Woo! Woo!
format: MP3

SM020: MMtm - Chant of the booster

Riding a sampler in cowboy boots is damn good idea, its all about discovering hidden tunes.

format: MP3

SM019: Karaoke Tundra - Kill the remixers!

Couple of audio frequencies are nice, the rest is disturbing. Here's an advice how to kill your neighbour.

format: MP3

SM018: DVA - Ringtones for mobile uPhones

Did you know that mobile phones can now alert you to incoming calls with a musical ringtone???

format: MP3

SM017: ok_01 - Disaster in room 208

Music of this ukrainian artist is exactly the same as ukrainian roads. Broken, dirty and dangerous...

format: MP3

SM016: Various Artists - Kill the headliners!!!

No.1 of our new SM limited edition 12inch vinyl series. Five tracks from artists across Europe. Playful melodies, raw beats and noise mess. Its all in here...

format: 12"

SM015: Myope Kiwi Ted - Swing Riot

Swing Riot? The outcome of playful experiments from Kiwi's laboratory.

format: MP3

SM014: Karaoke & Warm - Miss Testosterone

This is all about the hormones and all this stuff, folks... Based on a true story!

format: MP3

SM013: DJ Side - Bittersweet Love

In few words: one of the best Czech beatmakers presents the experimental side of his music.

format: MP3

SM012: Foolcut - Kubko EP

Cutting, sampling and recycling, interlaced with live instruments and electronics. Jazzy & cinematic...

format: MP3

SM011: Various Artists - Hände Hoch! Vol.2

Deutsch-Englisch Übersetzungen für das Wort "Hände hoch!": Hands up! Ja, warum nicht...

format: MP3

SM010: Peťo Tázok - Remixes

A remix compilation of the mysterious artist from the parallel dimension.

format: MP3

SM009: Zort - Los Idiotas

The next video release is from our argentinian connection - Zort from Cordoba!

format: MPEG

SM008: Various Artists - Hände Hoch! Vol.1

Imagine walking across a darkened alley and hearing "Hands up!" from the shadows. But in german...

format: MP3

SM007: Zavoloka - Nata

Incredible new single from our favourite ukrainian artist. Music and design by Zavoloka.

format: MP3

SM006: Karaoke Mouse - Shanghai Reggae

Karaoke Mouse present their debut EP including remixes by DJ Side, Michal Mariánek and Watesino.

format: MP3

SM005: Cattle Show - Torta grande

Latitante! Pericoloso? A thrilling story about a big escape and fight for justice at an italian gas station.

format: MPEG/AVI

SM004: Surreal Madrid live - Favoriten-Strasse

Live psychedelic sound acrobacy directly from photo exhibition in wiener gallery.

format: MP3

SM003: Karaoke Tundra - Schizopanorama

New stuff from Karaoke Tundra. Breaks, cuts,

bleeps, loops, grains, bass (sometimes).

format: MP3

SM002: MMtm - My first tattoo

Reedition of tracks previously released on Fatal Noise Records. Now it has found it's home in Madrid...

format: MP3

SM001: Various Artists - Re: Mixtape

Exclusive collection of rare remixes by/of SM artists. Limited edition 50 pcs CD-R.

format: CD-R