Surreal Madrid presents

"Year 2003. Intelligence is directly proportional to facial haircut, pipes are an underutilized communication medium, elevators constantly run up and down for no reason, most of dream sequences are done thru a serious red filter, drug users listen to sitar music all the time, there's not even a remote chance to get a printable template for a Mickey Mouse toilet paper roll. I did my first tattoo."


Produced by MMtm - these tracks have been previously released on Fatal Noise Records

1 - Keep my wife until I come back to my old country in beautiful pines down the Mississippi river that runs across Ida Lupino

[6:48 - 9.8 MB]   download  -  more info

2 - Baseball after midnight

[4:48 - 6.9 MB]   download - more info

3 - Appendix

[2:47 - 4.2 MB]   download - more info

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Surreal Madrid 2005 (sm002)

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