Re: Mixtape

Surreal Madrid presents an exclusive collection
of rare remixes by/of SM artists.
From subversive plunderphonics
to lo-tech grooves to
schizophrenic  dsp programming
to postproduction extravaganza.
From postrock ballads to cinematic bleep-hop
to drill-n-chill to microdisco.
And finally - a special bonus track,
20 minutes long radiomix
by Karaoke Mouse, recorded for CRo3.
Don't miss this unique limited edition release!




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1. KARAOKE TUNDRA: Television.....3:49
(radiomix by Neutrino)
2. ECSTASY OF ST.THERESA: Local distortion.....3:53
(garcon! remix by MMTM)
3. KARAOKE TUNDRA: Minikokos.....2:43
(Mastroianni remix)
4. TRAVOLTA: Party is over.....5:37
(that's really over now remix by MMTM)
5. MMTM: Cham, Jonah and Joe-Louis playing Monopoly tonight.....2:14
(Mr.Kanal remix by Karaoke Tundra)
6. IMMUNOLOGY: King of demons.....6:53
(I have my gun in your mouth too, baby remix by MMTM)
7. ROOTS MANUVA: Witness (One hope).....3:21
(gipsy wedding remix by Karaoke Tundra)
8. TRAVOLTA: Silverstars.....6:06
(remix by MMTM)
9. VEC feat. KONTRAFAKT: Si sereš do huby.....3:47
(breakleg bootbeat remix by Karaoke Tundra)
10. OTK: A letec.....3:04
(Sport->J.P.Muchow->Karaoke Tundra silent post remix)
11. KARAOKE MOUSE: Radiocustica session.....18:55
(experimental session for Czech Radio 3-Vltava)

Surreal Madrid 2005

thanx to Ecstasy of St.Theresa, Immunology, Vec, OTK, Michal Rataj

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Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License